Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day or Nah?

I've seen conversation this morning about African Americans being conflicted about celebrating our country's independence from Great Brittain. Especially when our ancestors were not even counted as human beings in 1776. It is definitely a sad, and horrible situation. However, as I ponder this situation, I can't say that I am conflicted. Yes, I'm perfectly aware of our country's past. Our people were enslaved and beaten, our women raped, and our newborns killed. But now what, even today our men are enslaved, I mean imprisoned, excuse me. Our women are not held holy and dignified in the media. They are depicted as less than the ideal of beautiful. Our educational institutions in our neighborhoods are less than acceptable. Our opportunities are far and few with no equal opportunity at times. As tragic as our past was, and still is, I'm  looking to the day where there are no Fergusons, Baltimores, and McKinneys. We as a nation have come along way, and I'm truly proud of the progress we have made and continue to make. I'm freely typing this on my iPhone with no fear whatsoever. This is the freedom I enjoy, you enjoy. While I'm aware of the disproportionate way in which we are treated by the criminal injustice system, it is still a choice to be caught up in criminal activity, though some would argue that we really have no choice given our lack of opportunity, but I digress. But the aforementioned reasons listed above is why I celebrate Independence Day, not because in 1776 my people were enslaved, but because today, you can wake up and throw the Q on the grill and sit back and enjoy your family, and do the Nay-Nay as your favorite trap music song comes on the radio. This is why I celebrate, and I will impress upon you to do the same. Continue to make strides, put yourself and others in a position to succeed, it is the only way to truly attain the community in which Dr King dreamed of.