Sunday, November 8, 2015

Racism Will Never Die....

The more and more I read and hear about stuff like this, I'm convinced that racism in America will never die. We as offsprings from those who were enslaved and brought to this country, and understanding this, must take every step and opportunity to better ourselves, defend ourselves, and ready ourselves for whatever challenge is thrown our way. In the 1800s and prior til the abolishment, our collective challenge was to be a free our challenge remains one that is almost like grasping for air, ever escaping our reached out hands—a challenge to be even more free, a challenge to be left alone, free to live, free to dream, free to walk down the street with a pack of skittles, free to be great, free to be American, and capture all that is—just like every other non-black race in this country. Free to fill out a job application and have it looked at without prejudice. Free to wear a hoodie without fearful eyes, free to be wholeheartedly black with no regret or anxiety about what's lurking around the corner. Knowing that racism will never die, we must continue to live and do just as our ancestors did, thrive and press on despite the odds, despite faux news, and despite every negative connotation associated with the word black.....we were born into this mess, and through it all, we've still rose from the ashes. Be entrenched in your blackness, love your blackness, and to hell with any and everybody who as problem with our blackness 

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