Sunday, June 14, 2015


Some may or may not agree with what ima bout to say, but who cares. Yesterday as we were welcomed into a Nigerian's home for the pre-wedding party, I could not help but feel out of place, not in a bad way tho, follow and my wife were surrounded by Africans in every sense of the word, and while we are African American I couldn't help but feel left out, even robbed. The slave trade all those centuries ago devastated us as a people, then when we finally landed on the proverbial Plymouth Rock, we were stripped and beat of any culture of our homeland, this continues on to this day. This is why in my opinion we are lost as a people, we have no native tongue, no real traditions that are uniquely ours. We are literally a people without a home...We must discover ourselves and remember what made us strong, what made us endure centuries of brutality...sitting here waiting for the wedding to commence, looking at all the beautiful women in their traditional garb, makes me wonder, how would WE be had it not been for the slave trade.....

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