Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sad State of Affairs for My Folk

As a police officer in a metropolitan city, I get to see and witness a lot of things. Some i'm proud of, others I just hang my head in shame. Today was one of those days where I was really at a loss for words. As I stood in the watch commander's office taking care of my business, in walks another cop with what looked like a no more than 12 year young black male. I walked over and asked him bluntly as he looked around, afraid and, nervous all at the same time. The look was one of emptiness, one of wondering why he was in a police station in handcuffs. But sadly, it almost seemed as though he knew this is what his life was supposed to be; a young black male in the system already, perhaps bragging rights.

 At any rate, I digress. Back to talking with the young man, I asked him why was he in the police station in handcuffs. He began to ramble on like many 13 year olds when they're trouble, rambling about borrowing $1.00 and then he continued to ramble some more. I stopped him and asked if he had a shorter version of the story, he bowed his head, as his arresting officer chimed in and said he robbed another kid. I looked at him as he was getting ready to defend what the officer said, and I asked him, regardless if you did it or not, do you think it is right to take something from someone...he said no, in total disgrace. I walked out and continued my business. I wish I had more time, real time to just sit down and try to pour something into this kid, but I couldn't.....

I walked away from that kid disheartened and left feeling hopeless. Here was a kid who's life hadn't even started, and he was about to lose it to a felony robbery charge. Now whether the charges stick is a different story, but the school to prison pipeline is alive and well for our young black males. What can I do, what can any of us do who make it out and become somewhat successful. I speak to as many kids as I can when I get the chance, try to point them in the right direction give them advice. But for all that I say, it is almost a wonder if it falls on deaf ears. Reading the news paper or listening to the news, stories are filled with black strife. Gang violence, domestic violence, just violence period. At a time in history when #BlackLivesMatter dominated the headlines, when will the injustices against our own stop. Has the 400 years of oppression really kicked our destruction into auto pilot? It seems that, that is the case, because for every one of me that makes it out, I watch as 10 more are arrested and brought into the police station. I'll continue to search for answers, continue to try to reach the ones I can, and steer them straight, and pray that one day the self destruction will end, and we can prosper as a people...

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